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Fostering Connections

About ARC

ARC Event Production focuses on events that build stronger communities and bring people together.

About Morgan

Turning Tragedy Into Tenacity

The idea of ARC came from being born into a life of sadness and stress, with my dad passing away 4 months before I was born. You would say that my birth was not the happiest time of my mom’s life, as instead it was filled with sadness for my dad. Having these emotions in my life from the beginning shaped a lot of who I am 38 years later.

Growing Stronger

An Emotional Epiphany

I can sit here and tell you all the negative things I say and do, how I’ve been living in my childhood fears for so many years, and how I push everyone out of my life because I am afraid of connecting. But that is something I don’t want in my life anymore and I’ve decided to make a change.

That’s when I started writing about a wellness event planning company, ARC. Ideas were pouring out of me, and I came up with my slogan – “To Inspire Valuable Connections” – and that’s what I want to do through events. I want to create events that help people and myself. I am excited that I will be sharing this journey with you. I believe that it’s time to build a stronger society and we need to bring people together to help grow our future into a life of joy.

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Just Keep Going

Never Give Up!

I am not going to lie, there are so many ups and downs in the process, and it takes time, but you have no choice except to keep going because it’s your passion. The best advice that I can give is never to give up on yourself or your dreams because anything is possible if you believe in yourself and your purpose!